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Little Barty Beta Release
April 7, 2021

On Duty is an Australian owned business with a wealth of experience in providing equipment solutions to Defence, Emergency Services and Law Enforcement personnel.

On Duty have retail stores on Defence Force bases across the country, and work closely with current and ex-servicemen to understand your needs to ensure troops get the job done. No matter what uniform you wear – On Duty are here to serve you.

Why did On Duty / 254 engage Avoca?

Avoca led On Duty / 254 from concept through to deliver of a viable RTD product.

To play using your mobile device, go to 254cans.com

What Avoca did.

Product Team Resourcing
To Market Product Strategy
Full Brand Development
Product Development & Design
Service Design, Campaign
Campaign Development for Traditional & Social.
Customer Experience Insights
Experience Product Design
Service Design Journeys
Management Consulting


Leveraging SD, CX, XD, and ECD Business and Product Research, we were able to identify key buying behaviours and new personas. We were able to design & develop a RTD product offering along with a 'go-to market strategy', launching a product in a target demographic which resulted in high absorbtion.


Ask us how we can help you with bringing a product or solution to market effiently with a X3 ROI