Little Barty Beta Release

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May 3, 2021
Barty Single
December 16, 2020

Little Barty is a natural language chat bot working in conjunction with a micro-roastery in Darlinghurst set up to source and profile single origin coffee sustainability.

Why did Avoca create this initiative?

It's Avoca's way to continue paying it forward bringing awareness to #mensmentalhealth. It's an initiative that aligns with our core business belief.

At Avoca we believe in personal transformation. It’s all in the experience. Personal transformation is a prerequisite for successful business transformation. Our relentless pursuit of personal improvement drives us to continually perform at our best every day.

From concept through to delivery, we've immersed ourselves in the business of coffee, building our very own roastery, releasing a specialty coffee brand, and today we fulfill orders daily at

The premise behind Little Barty an addition to the offering is to help our customers with ordering, coffee pairing, matching a taste palate with our signature 'Barty' profiles and what brew kits are best suited.

How did Avoca make an impact?

Leveraging our SD, CX, XD, CD & Technology capability, we've strategically launched a natural language bot using AI to help customers make decisions whilst being true to Avoca's brand purpose and personality.

To play with Little Barty just SMS Hi to +61 488 811 574 or tap​ if you're on your phone now.

Bart Jawien our Founding & Managing Partner has had a goal to hike Everest Base Camp. With international restrictions in place mid COVID 2020, he remained determined to make an impact. Bart walked the Over Land Track in Tasmania, a grade 4 hike, Solo in Winter in August post 10 days of quarantine.

With men's suicide rates increased by 50%, it was the least we could do to help bring awareness and promote the message that, 'it's A-OK for men to ask for help in difficult times.' We continue our support for an online mental health forum, who offer articles written specifically for kids, youth and parents.

Our goal is to raise $110K continue to pay it forward by sharing #Barty coffee with everyone at home.


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