Kimmy K App

Telstra Enterprise
June 14, 2024
Nbn Co
May 10, 2023

KimmyK App

The Application is an innovative startup that has launched an MVP focused on revolutionising peer-to-peer content creation with a pay-per-view monetisation strategy. This platform empowers creators to earn directly from their audience, fostering a dynamic and sustainable ecosystem for high-quality content.

Why Kimmy K Engaged Avoca

Avoca was engaged to architect, service & experience design, as well as deliver the MVP application into the North Americas market.

What Avoca did.

Product Team Resourcing
To Market Product Strategy
Full Brand Development
Product Development & Design
Service Design, Campaign
Campaign Development for Traditional & Social.
Customer Experience Insights
Experience Product Design
Service Design Journeys
Management Consulting


Leveraging SD, CX, XD, and ECD Business and Product Research, we were able to identify key buying behaviours and new personas. We were able to design & develop a field service product offering along with a 'go-to market strategy', launching a product in a target demographic which resulted in high absorbtion.


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