Boral IoT Telematics Dashboard Transformation
December 8, 2020
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December 6, 2020

Boral Limited is a multinational company that manufactures and supplies building and construction materials. Founded in Australia it also has extensive operations in the United States and Asia.

Why did Boral engage Avoca?

Lead product design for a highly confidential IoT program, where an entire ecosystem of machines, drivers and operators is connected using a cloud-based portal, all in realtime.

What Avoca did.

As the Telematics program went into a deep planning phase we were solely responsible for identifying customer needs (i.e. driver, plant operators, quarry machines) through lab research. Then we addressed them in real-time by way of automating the e2e fulfilment processes as well as designing a product that leverages aeronautical cockpit capabilities such as voice, AI and locations services. In other words we Led Product Design / Senior UX & Service Design / Management Consulting.


A product was designed called Lilly, the rest is locked down by NDAs. The end product is now a proprietary system within Boral and has delivered over 25% ROI.


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