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December 16, 2020
Boral IoT Telematics Dashboard
December 7, 2020 is the number one online business insurance comparison engine & third party insurance provider across Australia, N.Z. & the U.S.

Why did BizCover engage Avoca?

Avoca led BizCover through their first major capability & product design transformation.

What Avoca did.

Product Team Capability Uplift
Lead Generation Strategy
Real Time Component Library Analytics
Campaign Development for Traditional and Social Channels.
Customer Experience Insights
Senior UX Product Design
Service Design Journeys
Management Consulting


Leveraging CX and real-time data analytics, we identified key buying behaviours and new personas. We built out new experiences to target online consumer needs resulting in an increase of leads per day, reduction of CPA and an increase in the e2e product conversion funnel.


Ask us how we can help solve this for you also reduce your CPA and increase your ROI X3