We believe personal transformation drives business transformation. It enables more effective leadership and perseverance to move tech-businesses in a better direction - efficiently.

How to engage AVOCA & our HCD process

-- Agile using Human Centred Design

Engagement options

1. Discovery

Rapid internal immersion to define objectives and problems to solve
Rapid external immersion; Empathic research of people's behaviours

2. Problem Statement & Benchmarking

Articulate what is meaningful from discovery
Generate insight statements, Map problem space and opportunity areas.
Define and iterate journeys, infographics

3. Agile Way of Working

Create concepts and prototypes that solve for people’s needs
Design of prototypes, experience maps or service blueprints, based on research insights.

4. User Testing & Iterating

Fail cheaply with iterative testing of designs, prototypes and journey maps with target customers, and refined based on learnings
Refine prototype and experience map based on testing feedback

5. Resourcing

Identify resource gaps in your internal teams and fill them

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